Sugar Scrub:

Exfoliating the skin should be part of every skincare regimen; however, incorporating this product into a pre-tan routine is imperative for creating a spray tan that is smooth and even. Sugar Scrub is all natural, with only four ingredients and is also oil-free. This product is formulated with high-quality sugar to clean pores and rid the skin of any blemish-causing dirt or oils, causing the newer exposure of the epidermal layer from underneath. This fantastic scrub leaves no residue, which leaves
skin perfectly prepped for a spray tan and moisturization.

-Moisturizing formula to help hydrate the skin while exfoliating
-Physical exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells, clear the pores and rid the skin of dirt and oils
-Unscented to accommodate sensitive and sensitized skin

How to use:

This product is perfect for tan prep, or as an anytime scrub for a full body refresh. This scrub is best used during a shower for easy application and removal.

Grab some scrub, apply to dampened skin, rubbing in upward circular motions anywhere exfoliation is wanted. Rinse, and repeat if needed.

Key Ingredients:

Sugar – penetrates the skin to encourage cell turn over while also sloughing off the uppermost layer of dead skin cells

Glycerin – draws in moisture from the air to penetrate the skin for more in-depth hydration of the outermost layer of the skin


Sugar, PEG-8, Glycerin, PEG-3350



Product Theory : SJOLIE


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