Sunless Masters Course


Our online training and certification course has been developed over time, as we have gathered information and resources and discovered the most effective way to train someone via the internet. The course offers a comprehensive and intuitive look into sunless tanning and will help to provide you with the foundation needed to get started in the industry. Many salons and spas look to online courses to continually train their staff and to be sure that they are knowledgeable about sunless tanning.

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Why invest in sunless tanning?

Sunless tanning has quickly become one of the most popular sectors within the health and beauty industry. For indoor tanning salons and spas, it has provided a new income stream which includes some of the highest return on investments ever seen within the industry. What type of return are we talking about? How about over 1,200% return! The good news is, some salons notice an even higher return on their investment.

Sunless tanning is growing and only expected to go higher!

You may be wondering if the sunless tanning industry still has more growth potential after its recent surge.  Well, lets just say that it is growing fast enough to get the attention of CNN Money and some other major news outlets.

“The makers of bronzing lotions and sprays are expected to see their sales grow a sweltering 18.1% this year alone, making it one of America’s 10 fastest growing industries, a new report by IBISWorld found.” − IBIS World

This potential growth can only mean continued business and growth for sunless tanning technicians, salons, spa’s and mobile tanners everywhere. Realizing the growth potential for manufactures will only in turn mean continued growth for the end user; sunless tanning technicians. With a return on investment of well over 1,000%, this is an opportunity that you can’t miss!
As the popularity of sunless tanning has continually expanded, so has the need for sunless tanning technicians. We have seen many different types of businesses add sunless spray tanning to their list of services, including but not limited to: estheticians, cosmetologist, medical spas, salons, nail salons, mobile salons/spas, and more! From this expanding market we have seen a new business spin-off – mobile tanning.