Why choose the NSTPA?

The National Spray Tanning Professional Association
is one of the only nationally recognized certification
programs in the United States by businesses in the
skin & beauty industry.

Years of real-world experience

We have collaborated with some of the industries best sunless tanning technicians to help perfect our training experience.  Our methods have been used by thousands of sunless tanning technicians all around the world.

We are your foundation

Our training courses go a step further by providing you with the necessary tools and resources for your sunless tanning business.

Product knowledge

We have worked along side the chemist that spent years developing these ground breaking sunless tanning products.  Working with them has allowed us to understand the ingredients from their raw, natural state all the way through the manufacturing process.

Continued support

We understand that once the training ends, the real challenge for you begins.  We offer continued support through our online resources, forums and even 1 on 1 calls with your sunless trainer.

1 on 1 training

We understand that everyone learns differently, which is why we only conduct our training in a 1 on 1 training environment.  The class will be catered to your learning methods to ensure that you are completely comfortable with all of the information provided by our trainers.

Exclusive NSTPA Gear

NSTPA has unique certification material including Printed Certificate of completion and ID Cards available for purchase; this way,  your clients know you are legit.

The NSTPA training was the best thing I ever did for my sunless business! The course was fun and interactive and I could tell that the trainers really love what they are doing! That passion helped to motivate me to start my own sunless tanning business!

Mary H.

I was apprehensive to attend the training because I had never sprayed before. The training course and class was very inviting and they made me feel confident in myself. The hands-on training was great....I recommend this course to anyone who wants to spray tan!


Live your dreams

Love your job