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Solution No. 12 is designed for deep-toned complexions
and top-rated in the summer months. This solution is also
an excellent color for clients with medium skin tones who’ve
developed a darker natural tan during summer time.

Key Ingredients

Like all other aloe based solutions number 12 has the same key ingredients, but has a stronger amount of DHA to create a darker color.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – has been found to reverse degenerative skin changes by
stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Acts as a biological vehicle to aid penetration and absorption of
other bio-active ingredients into the skin.
Dihydroxyacetone – derived from sugar cane and sugar beets; reacts with the skins amino acids
to produce pigment.
Walnut Extract – derived from walnut husks; commonly used for acne treatments and as a skin
soother; provides natural coloring.