Professional Solution

All skin is not created equal. Customer diversity and makeup is why it is vital to understand what solution is best for each client. Sjolie offers a wide variety of solutions that will accommodate every skin type and will allow you to customize accordingly. Identifying the solutions and different shades will set you apart
from the competition.


We recommend 1 or 2 light coats of solution per client, at most. Extra application passes are unnecessary and can pose issues with your client’s spray. The skin can only absorb so much product; your client may feel very tacky or wet, smudge easily, experience uneven fade, or odd color development if the product is over-applied. Applying multiple layers of the solution will not allow the client to develop a darker color. The DHA % you are spraying with will not increase, you will only be adding layers of the cosmetic bronzer, which has a temporary effect. If a client wants to obtain a darker tan, we recommend using a darker solution or
try utilizing DHA Booster Drops to achieve the tan your client desires.

How to use-

Clean and prep the body before spraying. It is recommended you use the pH Balancing Prep Spray before applying any of our spray tan solutions. Add 2 oz. to 4 oz. of solution for each person sprayed. Clients should be able to dress after application, when comfortable. Shower times will vary based on the solution used.

Aloe Vera with Olive Undertones

The Original Line of professional solutions features an Aloe Vera base with Olive undertones. These solutions will leave the skin hydrated and healthy while providing a gorgeous golden glow, perfect for any skin type. The nourishing Aloe Vera formula will help to nourish the skin and improve the tan longevity. Consumers can estimate tans to last 7-12 days when following the proper care regimen. The Aloe Vera solutions require a minimum of 8 hours before showering to achieve full development.

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